Oral History Interviews

The Making of Malaysia Oral History Project

Pusat Sejarah Rakyat is committed to the telling of a Malaysian history from the perspective of the rakyat. As one of its initiatives, it is undertaking an oral history project to collect, store and restore the memories of men and women – ordinary citizens as well as prominent personalities – who have participated in the life of the nation. A nation needs a collective memory. This memory needs to be inclusive, with room for our particularities and our differences, as well as recognition of the shared struggles and sacrifices which went into the making of Malaysia.


Names of interviewees

  1. Brian John Dorai
  2. Cheong Pak Soon
  3. Hashim Said
  4. Henry
  5. James Lochhead
  6. Lee Khek Mui
  7. Toh Kin Woon
  8. Zainuddin Andika
  9. N. Balakrishnan
  10. Rohani Mostek
  11. Ah Dai
  12. Alena
  13. Lee Ah Kim