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James Lochhead

James Lochhead


James Macdonald Lochhead is a Scots who now resides in Malaysia. He shared about how his mother who was a magistrate influenced him to join activism, what he did politically when he was a teenager, his siblings, and his educational background. In 1980 he came to Malaysia with no intention to stay, but was offered a part time job and later a full time job. He talked about why he decided to stay here, and the campaigns, organizations and groups that he got involved in and the reasons for doing so. His story included the challenges and restrictions he faced as a foreigner in Malaysia and the ways he overcame them, why his wife and he decided to give birth to their son in Malaysia, and his hopes for his son. He also talked about his involvement in Mostek, what Mostek is, what triggered its shut down, and how the workers felt about it. He explained how he got to know the Mostek workers and the role he played during the movement. Finally, describing the workers’ struggle and why the movement was not successful, he gave his overall reflection on the whole movement and the workers’ movement.

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